We service and repair:

All Boro Appliance Repair we service, fix and install wide variety of gas and electric appliances used in the home. We work on large appliances like refrigerators and freezers, gas or electric appliances, washers and dryers.

Please note: We do not provide services and repairs on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, sewing machines etc.

Our Technicians will travel to a your location to repair your damaged appliances. If appliances can not be repaired at your location, our technicians will bring them into an appliance repair shop. These shops may be independent repair shops or they may be part of an appliance store.

During the appointment our Technicians will check for loose parts, electrical shortages, frayed electrical cords, unusual vibrations or noises. Appliances could be disassembled to check for wear and tear or corrosion problems. When they have found the problem, appliance service technicians estimate the time and cost of the repairs. With the customer’s approval, they replace and repair parts like motors, heating elements and switches. They use hand tools to do the majority of the repairs. Once complete, they clean up the appliances and tighten, align and lubricate parts where necessary.

All Boro Appliance Repair provides professional service at an affordable price!